Welcome to Protoplay 2020!

Hello to all game designers & game lovers from all around the globe!

Are you the one we are looking for?
Will you be the one who creates the next big hit just like how Om Nom
did with 1.6 Billion downloads and counting?


Take part in our Protoplay Challenge now where we sieve out the best of the best, and help take your creation to the next level with Co-Development & Publishing opportunities as well as an exclusive Mentorship Programme with ZeptoLab!


What is Protoplay?

Protoplay is a hypercasual mobile game design and development competition based on a big name IPs, for this year, we are partnering up with ZeptoLab - the creators of the popular IP, Om Nom Stories!

Om Nom, that is character from ZeptoLab's "Cut The Rope" series will be the first IP that will be used to kickoff Protoplay 2020.

When is Protoplay?

Date: 1 November 2020 - 28 February 2021

Final Submission: 28 February 2021, 23:59hrs SGT

Where is Protoplay?

Protoplay will be held online just like a game jam.

All submissions & winners will also be notified online and via email.

Why is there Protoplay?

Protoplay creates the chance for gaming studios like yourself to create the next big hit, just like Cut The Rope with the IP Assets provided to you!

By taking part in Protoplay, you can stand a chance to win an exclusive mentorship with ZeptoLab, co-development & publishing contract with goGame as well as cash prizes!

How do I take part in Protoplay?

Step 1: Create a hypercasual game with the assets & rules guide book that are provided here, you can submit your game in the following formats - Downloadables, HTML, Flash, Java Applet or Cocos/Unity.

Step 2: To find out about our judging criteria and how you may elevate your chances of winning, you may check out the list of prizes here.

Step 3: Submit your game on itch.io.

Step 4: Check your account on itch.io for a comment from Protoplay on the status of your submission.

Step 5: Wait for a successful submission email from us within 48 hours after we have verified your entry to ensure that the entry is valid.

Step 6: Once you have received a submission status email from us, your entry is now considered valid!

Step 7: If your entry is deemed invalid, we will also notify you via the comment section on itch.io. You may then make the changes and have it resubmitted.

Step 8: You may write in to us if you have any questions here.