1. Submissions MUST be able to be played on the browser and/or an .exe.

2. Please upload your game on your team's/personal account (it's free!)

3. We will host Protoplay under our own Game Jam -

4. Please note that as the IP Assets belong to ZeptoLab, you will not be able to monetise it and publicly publish the game anywhere else except on our Game Jam hosted on

5. Protoplay also kindly requests that we have the rights to promote your game under our organisation and event. Uploading Tips
For those of you who are new to Here's a short guide to create a project which you can submit the game. After signing up for an account, click on "Dashboard" to open "Creator Dashboard".
Click on "Projects" tab if it is not already in Projects.
Click on "Create
New Project" and a new page will appear. Enter a name for "Title" and the project will auto-save and bring you to the project webpage.
Click on "Edit Game" on the toolbar on the top left to return back to the project page. From here on, everything else is self
-explanatory. Read from the top to the bottom for a smooth submission process and setting up of the project web page.
o also explore the Devlog if you want to document your process.

When uploading an executable, be sure to tick the "Windows" (or Mac, Linux, Android
etc.) checkmark. This allows the game to be installed and played using the itch desktop client.
If you want the game to be web-based, pick "HTML" from "Kind of Project
" and upload a zip file with the exported game files inside. Remember to set your game submission to "Public" in the "Visibility and Access" tab, otherwise we will not be able to view your submission.